Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Etude House 3-Step Clear Nose Kit

Etude_House_3-Step_Clear_Nose_Kit_1Etude House 3-Step Clear Nose Kit

This 3-Step Clear Nose Kit effectively removes blackheads with
its 3 steps of pore opening, blackhead cleaning and pore closing.

How to use
1. After cleansing, press and leave STEP 1 patch on nose for 15~20 minutes,
wiping blackheads that appear on surface of skin with a cotton swab.
2. After applying water on nose and nose area, press STEP 2 patch onto nose to thoroughly fit nose
and remove after 10~15 minutes starting from the edges.
3. Place STEP 3 patch onto nose and leave on for 5~10 minutes. Pat lightly to absorb remaining contents.

Product info.
Brand : Etude House
All Skin Type
Volume : 1 Step :4ml / 2 Step: 1pcs / 3 Step: 5ml
Made in Korea

Dengan efektif membersihkan komedo dengan 3 langkah
– membuka pori-pori , – membersihkan pori-pori, – menutup pori-pori

Cara pakai:
1. Setelah cuci muka, tempelkan STEP 1 PATCH ke hidung selama 15-20 menit. Bersihkan komedo yang muncul ke permukaan dengan cotton bud.
2. Basahi area hidung dengan air, tempelkan STEP 2 PATCH ke hidung dan lepas setelah 10-15 menit dimulai dari ujung luar.
3. Tempelkan STEP 3 PATCH ke hidung, diamkan selama 5-10 menit. Usap sisa cairan yang ada hingga meresap.

Untuk pemesanan hubungi kami via:

SMS / WA 0898.733.7533
Email at EtudeSweetShop1@gmail.com
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